About Us

“My mum was a nature lover and, inspired by her, as a child I loved watching wildlife, pressing flowers, potting plants; I was always outdoors. Whenever I’ve had a garden, I’ve loved growing flowers. Sweet peas with their beautiful colours and scented long stems are my goal every year. They would be on my desert island list!

“In 2018 I took the opportunity to follow my creative dreams and signed up for a Floristry course and immediately fell in love. Before the course had finished, I had bought the business – and here I am!

“Going back to nature has always inspired me and our signature style at Wild Ivy is very natural, with shapes and forms inspired by our surrounding. Think natural, arching shapes that let the flowers shine. I love to incorporate seasonal elements like berries, twigs and seed pods to add texture and shape, and colours that reflect the changing seasons.

“With love,

Sarah x”